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Tangled (Fresh Pasta To Go) prepares freshly made pastas at affordable prices for everyone's enjoyment. Italian pastas with a twist of local flavors.

Where all the wonderful ingredients tangled up into a flavorful pasta dish



Our pastas are freshly made with all natural ingredients. No food colouring or preservatives are used. 

Some health benefits of our ingredients include: 
- Semolina flour is rich in iron, supports heart health, may improve blood sugar control and supports digestive health
- Squid ink helps to improve blood pressure and reduces stomach acid production
- Spinach supports heart health, supports healthy bones and energy level as well as help maintain good vision
- Beetroot may have anti-cancer properties, helps lower blood pressure, improves digestive health and may be anti-inflammatory 
- Mushrooms contain immune supporting nutrients and is a source of vitamin D, may help maintain heart health, may help protect against cancer

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